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2 Chr 14:2–16:14

14:2–16:14 This account of Asa’s reign is considerably longer than that of 1 Kin. 15:9–24. Asa’s reign is presented in two parts: years of fidelity and blessing (14:2–15:19) and later years of infidelity and curse (ch. 16). These two parts form a pattern of contrasting parallels. Asa’s growing prosperity (14:2–7) is balanced by the concluding section on his illness and death (16:11–14). The main section concerns warfare, prophetic encouragement, and the royal response (14:8–15:19 and 16:1–10). The historian contrasts the results of relying on God (15:8–19) with the results of relying on human power (16:2 note; 20:20 note).