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Reformation Study Bible – 2 Chr 11:14
2 Chr 11:14

11:14 Jeroboam . . . cast them out. The historian does not repeat the account found in 1 Kings about how Jeroboam established idolatrous worship centers at Dan and Bethel (1 Kin. 12:25–33), but he assumes that the reader knows it. Jeroboam rejected priests and Levites who were faithful to Jerusalem as the proper site for worship. Jeroboam’s animosity drove these priests to Rehoboam. The theme of faithful Israelites defecting to Judah appears several times in the periods of the divided and reunited kingdoms (13:8–11; 15:9; 30:10–12). Following the return of the remnant from exile in Babylonia, these accounts were a precedent for Israelites from the northern kingdom, since the restoration was centered in Jerusalem (1 Chr. 9:3 note; see Introduction: The Divided Kingdom).