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Reformation Study Bible – 1 Tim 2:15
1 Tim 2:15

2:15 she. This probably refers to any woman who has been deceived.

will be saved. Probably not “brought safely,” as some hold. Paul uses his normal word meaning “redemption from sin,” thereby contrasting being deceived into sin (v. 14) with being saved from it. Alternately, the term “saved” may indicate the reception of some important, though unspecified, benefit from God.

through childbearing. The interpretation “through the birth of the Child” (Jesus), however attractive it might be theologically, is doubtful. Clearly Paul intends another allusion to Genesis, this time to God’s statement to Eve after the Fall concerning her role in childbearing (Gen. 3:16).

if they continue in faith and love and holiness, with self-control. This qualification shows that Paul is not suggesting that childbearing is an act that merits salvation, which would contradict his doctrine of justification by faith. Rather, his point seems to be that those women at Ephesus who have been deceived by the false teachers need to focus on their proper role, and especially their attitudes (vv. 8–10; 1:5, 19). Given his use of Gen 2; 3 in his argument and the false teachers’ disparagement of marriage (4:3), Paul finds “childbearing” to be a convenient symbol for that role (5:14).