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Reformation Study Bible – 1 Sam 9:7
1 Sam 9:7

9:7 there is no present to bring to the man of God. Josephus (Antiquities 6.4.1) interprets Saul’s words as a sign that he was ignorant that a true prophet would accept no reward. Israel’s writing prophets express disdain for those who prophesy for money (Mic. 3:5, 11), although there are various references to goods being offered in return for prophetic favors (e.g., 1 Kin. 14:3; 2 Kin. 4:42; 8:8). In two instances payment is explicitly refused (1 Kin. 13:7–9; 2 Kin. 5:15, 16), and in one instance where goods are accepted, the payment does not benefit the prophet personally but is distributed among the people (2 Kin. 4:42).