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1 Sam 2:1–10

2:1–10 Her prayer for a son having been answered, Hannah offers a jubilant song of thanksgiving. Focusing on the Lord’s sovereignty and grace to the humble, Hannah anticipates the major themes of the books of Samuel. The same themes of sovereignty, grace, and deliverance are reiterated in David’s song of thanksgiving near the end of 2 Samuel (ch. 22). The two songs provide a poetic frame for 1 and 2 Samuel. Mary’s briefer song of praise (the Magnificat, Luke 1:46–55) seems to have been modeled on Hannah’s. Both songs open with rejoicing in the Lord’s deliverance (v. 1; Luke 1:46–48), extol the Lord’s uniqueness and holiness (v. 2; Luke 1:49, 50), condemn proud boasting (v. 3; Luke 1:51), point to reversals of human fortune as the result of interventions by the sovereign Lord (vv. 4–8; Luke 1:52, 53), and express the Lord’s faithful care for His own (v. 9; Luke 1:54, 55). Hannah’s song concludes with the assertion that the Lord Himself will give strength to His king, His anointed (vv. 9–10).