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Reformation Study Bible – 1 Sam 17:28
1 Sam 17:28

17:28 Eliab’s anger was kindled. Eliab’s sudden anger is the reaction of a man who was unable to meet a challenge and who resented being outdone by his little brother. David’s having been anointed would only increase Eliab’s jealousy. In Genesis 37, Joseph’s older brothers react in the same way to the knowledge that he would one day be superior to them (Gen. 37:2–19).

with whom have you left those few sheep. Whatever his excitement about the battle, David had acted responsibly in regard to his more mundane duties (vv. 20, 22).

your presumption. Or, “your insolence.”

the evil of your heart. Contrast Eliab’s judgment of David with God’s, as indicated by statements like “a man after his own heart” (13:14), and “the Lord looks on the heart” (16:7).