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Reformation Study Bible – 1 Sam 16:18
1 Sam 16:18

16:18 man of war. This speech may seem to conflict with Saul’s statement in 17:33 that David, who is but a youth, will be no match for Goliath. In response one can say that the servant’s recommendation of David is doubtless exaggerated, like a modern letter of reference. Saul for his part was comparing David to Goliath and was reluctant to take the risk of sending anyone against the Philistine giant.

the Lord is with him. This fact more than any human quality will account for David’s persistent, if circuitous, rise to power, while Saul’s increasing recognition that David is preferred to him will play no small part in his own psychological disintegration (3:19; 17:37; 18:12, 28, 29; 20:13; 2 Sam. 7:9 and notes).