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1 Kings 22:4

22:4 I am as you are. This diplomatic language signifies Jehoshaphat’s agreement to join the campaign against the Syrians. Jehoshaphat seems to be a junior partner in this coalition rather than an equal of Ahab, because Ahab tells him what to do (v. 30). Since formerly Judah was allied with the Syrians against Israel (15:16–21), this new arrangement marks a change in the foreign policies of both Israel and Judah. At some point in Ahab’s reign, he formalized his relationship with Judah by giving his daughter Athaliah in marriage to Jehoram the son of the king of Judah (2 Kin. 8:18, 26). Athaliah was a devoted Baal worshiper, and the diplomatic marriage introduced state-sponsored Baal worship to Judah, corrupting the worship of Yahweh (2 Kin. 11).