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Reformation Study Bible – 1 Chr 8:1
1 Chr 8:1

8:1 Benjamin. The survey of the tribes of Israel concludes with a second, more extensive treatment of Benjamin (cf. 7:6–12). The genealogy of Benjamin is comparable in length to the treatment of Judah (2:3–4:23) and Levi (6:1–81). The tribe of Benjamin is of special importance because of its close association with Judah in the days before and after the Babylonian exile (1 Kin. 12:20, 21; 1 Chr. 9:4–9). Saul, the first king of Israel, was from the tribe of Benjamin (1 Sam. 9:1–10:27; 1 Chr. 9:35–44). This chapter is arranged according to geography: Geba (vv. 1–7), Moab (vv. 8–13), Jerusalem (vv. 14–28), and Gibeon (8:29–40).