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Reformation Study Bible – 1 Chr 6:1
1 Chr 6:1

6:1 Levi. A lengthy account of the tribe of Levi provides the background for the arrangement of the temple personnel in the restored community following the exile in Babylon. The writer connects the Davidic monarchy with temple worship in his conception of a restored people. The discussion covers people and territories (1:5; 2:3–9:1 note). The attention given to Levi reveals the importance of the temple and priesthood. If the returning exiles are to see God’s blessing, then the royal family (Judah) and the temple personnel also (Levi) must carry out their proper functions (29:22 note). The material covers the priests descended from Aaron, a survey of three clans of Levi, the temple musicians appointed by David (6:31–47), and the duties of the sons of Aaron and other families. These materials provide a rationale for ordering the tribe of Levi in the period after the exile in Babylon.