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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 98
Chapter 98

This psalm is to the same purport with the Ps. 96:1-13; Ps. 97:1-12; it is a prophecy of the kingdom of the Messiah, the settling of it up in the world, and the bringing of the Gentiles into it. The Chaldee entitles it a prophetic psalm. It sets forth, I. The glory of the Redeemer, Ps. 98:1-3. II. The joy of the redeemed, Ps. 98:4-9. If we in a right manner give to Christ this glory, and upon right grounds take to ourselves this joy, in singing this psalm, we sing it with understanding. If those who saw Christ’s triumph thus, much more reason have we to do so who see these things accomplished and share in the better things provided for us, Heb. 11:40.