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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 9
Chapter 9

In this psalm, I. David praises God for pleading his cause, and giving him victory over his enemies and the enemies of his country (Ps. 9:1-6), and calls upon others to join with him in his songs of praise, Ps. 9:11, 12. II. He prays to God that he might have still further occasion to praise him, for his own deliverances and the confusion of his enemies, Ps. 9:13, 14, 19, 20. III. He triumphs in the assurance he had of God’s judging the world (Ps. 9:7, 8), protecting his oppressed people (Ps. 9:9, 10, 18), and bringing his and their implacable enemies to ruin, Ps. 9:15-17. This is very applicable to the kingdom of the Messiah, the enemies of which have been in part destroyed already, and shall be yet more and more till they all be made his footstool, which we are to assure ourselves of, that God may have the glory and we may take the comfort.