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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 86
Chapter 86

This psalm is entitled “a prayer of David;” probably it was not penned upon any particular occasion, but was a prayer he often used himself, and recommended to others for their use, especially in a day of affliction. Many think that David penned this prayer as a type of Christ, “who in the days of his flesh offered up strong cries,” Heb. 5:7. David, in this prayer (according to the nature of that duty), I. Gives glory to God, Ps. 86:8-10, 12, 13. II. Seeks for grace and favour from God, that God would hear his prayers (Ps. 86:1, 6, 7), preserve and save him, and be merciful to him (Ps. 86:2, 3, 16), that he would give him joy, and grace, and strength, and put honour upon him, Ps. 86:4, 11, 17. He pleads God’s goodness (Ps. 86:5, 15) and the malice of his enemies, Ps. 86:14. In singing this we must, as David did, lift up our souls to God with application.