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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 72
Chapter 72

The foregoing psalm was penned by David when he was old, and, it should seem, so was this too; for Solomon was now standing fair for the crown; that was his prayer for himself, this for his son and successor, and with these two the prayers of David the son of Jesse are ended, as we find in the close of this psalm. If we have but God’s presence with us while we live, and good hopes concerning those that shall come after us that they shall be praising God on earth when we are praising him in heaven, it is enough. This is entitled “a psalm for Solomon:” it is probable that David dictated it, or, rather, that it was by the blessed Spirit dictated to him, when, a little before he died, by divine direction he settled the succession, and gave orders to proclaim Solomon king, 1 Kgs. 1:30 But, though Solomon’s name is here made use of, Christ’s kingdom is here prophesied of under the type and figure of Solomon’s. David knew what the divine oracle was, That “of the fruit of his loins, according to the flesh, he would raise up Christ to sit on his throne,” Acts 2:30. To him he here bears witness, and with the prospect of the glories of his kingdom he comforted himself in his dying moments when he foresaw that his house would not be so with God, not so great not so good, as he wished. David, in spirit, I. Begins with a short prayer for his successor, Ps. 72:1. II. He passes immediately into a long prediction of the glories of his reign, Ps. 72:2-17. And, III. He concludes with praise to the God of Israel, Ps. 72:18-20. In singing this psalm we must have an eye to Christ, praising him as a King, and pleasing ourselves with our happiness as his subjects.