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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 59
Chapter 59

This psalm is of the same nature and scope with six or seven foregoing psalms; they are all filled with David’s complaints of the malice of his enemies and of their cursed and cruel designs against him, his prayers and prophecies against them, and his comfort and confidence in God as his God. The first is the language of nature, and may be allowed; the second of a prophetical spirit, looking forward to Christ and the enemies of his kingdom, and therefore not to be drawn into a precedent; the third of grace and a most holy faith, which ought to be imitated by every one of us. In this psalm, I. He prays to God to defend and deliver him from his enemies, representing them as very bad men, barbarous, malicious, and atheistical, Ps. 59:1-7. II. He foresees and foretels the destruction of his enemies, which he would give to God the glory of, Ps. 59:8-17. As far as it appears that any of the particular enemies of God’s people fall under these characters, we may, in singing this psalm, read their doom and foresee their ruin.