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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 52
Chapter 52

David, no doubt, was in very great grief when he said to Abiathar (1 Sam. 22:22), “I have occasioned the death of all the persons of thy father’s house,” who were put to death upon Doeg’s malicious information; to give some vent to that grief, and to gain some relief to his mind under it, he penned this psalm, wherein, as a prophet, and therefore with as good an authority as if he had been now a prince upon the throne, I. He arraigns Doeg for what he had done, Ps. 52:1. II. He accuses him, convicts him, and aggravates his crimes, Ps. 52:2-4. III. He passes sentence upon him, Ps. 52:5. IV. He foretels the triumphs of the righteous in the execution of the sentence, Ps. 52:6, 7. V. He comforts himself in the mercy of God and the assurance he had that he should yet praise him, Ps. 52:8, 9. In singing this psalm we should conceive a detestation of the sin of lying, foresee the ruin of those that persist in it, and please ourselves with the assurance of the preservation of God’s church and people, in spite of all the malicious designs of the children of Satan, that father of lies.