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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 147
Chapter 147

This is another psalm of praise. Some think it was penned after the return of the Jews from their captivity; but it is so much of a piece with Ps. 145:1-21 that I rather think it was penned by David, and what is said (Ps. 147:2, 13) may well enough be applied to the first building and fortifying of Jerusalem in his time, and the gathering in of those that had been out-casts in Saul’s time. The Septuagint divides it into two; and we may divide it into the first and second part, but both of the same import. I. We are called upon to praise God, Ps. 147:1, 7, 12. II. We are furnished with matter for praise, for God is to be glorified, 1. As the God of nature, and so he is very great, Ps. 147:4, 5, 8, 9, 15-18. 2. As the God of grace, comforting his people, Ps. 147:3, 6, 10, 11. 3. As the God of Israel, Jerusalem, and Zion, settling their civil state (Ps. 147:2, 13, 14), and especially settling religion among them, Ps. 147:19, 20. It is easy, in singing this psalm, to apply it to ourselves, both as to personal and national mercies, were it but as easy to do so with suitable affections.