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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 144
Chapter 144

The four preceding psalms seem to have been penned by David before his accession to the crown, when he was persecuted by Saul; this seems to have been penned afterwards, when he was still in trouble (for there is no condition in this world privileged with an exemption from trouble), the neighbouring nations molesting him and giving him disturbance, especially the Philistines, 2 Sam. 5:17. In this psalm, I. He acknowledges, with triumph and thankfulness, the great goodness of God to him in advancing him to the government , Ps. 144:1-4. II. He prays to God to help him against the enemies who threatened him, Ps. 144:5-8, 11. III. He rejoices in the assurance of victory over them, Ps. 144:9, 10. IV. He prays for the prosperity of his own kingdom, and pleases himself with the hopes of it, Ps. 144:12-15. In singing this psalm we may give God the glory of our spiritual privileges and advancements, and fetch in help from him against our spiritual enemies; we may pray for the prosperity of our souls, of our families, and of our land; and, in the opinion of some of the Jewish writers, we may refer the psalm to the Messiah and his kingdom.