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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 141
Chapter 141

David was in distress when he penned this psalm, pursued, it is most likely, by Saul, that violent man. Isa. any distressed? Let him pray; David did so, and had the comfort of it. I. He prays for God’s favourable acceptance, Ps. 141:1, 2. II. For his powerful assistance, Ps. 141:3, 4. III. That others might be instrumental of good to his soul, as he hoped to be to the souls of others, Ps. 141:5, 6. IV. That he and his friends being now brought to the last extremity God would graciously appear for their relief and rescue, Ps. 141:7-10. The mercy and grace of God are as necessary to us as they were to him, and therefore we should be humbly earnest for them in singing this psalm.