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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 135
Chapter 135

This is one of the Hallelujah-psalms; that is the title of it, and that is the Amen of it, both its Alpha and its Omega. I. It begins with a call to praise God, particularly a call to the “servants of the Lord” to praise him, as in the foregoing psalm, Ps. 135:1-3. II. It goes on to furnish us with matter for praise. God is to be praised, 1. As the God of Jacob, Ps. 135:4. 2. As the God of gods, Ps. 135:5. 3. As the God of the whole world, Ps. 135:6, 7. 4. As a terrible God to the enemies of Israel, Ps. 135:8-11. 5. As a gracious God to Israel, both in what he had done for them and what he would do, Ps. 135:12-14. 6. As the only living God, all other gods being vanity and a lie, Ps. 135:15-18. III. It concludes with another exhortation to all persons concerned to praise God, Ps. 135:19-21. In singing this psalm our hearts must be filled, as well as our mouths, with the high praises of God.