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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 125
Chapter 125

This short psalm may be summed up in those words of the prophet (Isa. 3:10, 11), “Say you to the righteous, It shall be well with him. Woe to the wicked, it shall be will with him.” Thus are life and death, the blessing and the curse, set before us often in the psalms, as well as in the law and the prophets. I. It is certainly well with the people of God; for, 1. They have the promises of a good God that they shall be fixed (Ps. 125:1), and safe (Ps. 125:2), and not always under the hatches, Ps. 125:3. 2. They have the prayers of a good man, which shall be heard for them, Ps. 125:4. II. It is certainly ill with the wicked, and particularly with the apostates, Ps. 125:5. Some of the Jewish rabbies are of opinion that it has reference to the days of the Messiah; however, we that are members of the gospel-church may certainly, in singing this psalm, take comfort of these promises, and the more so if we stand in awe of the threatening.