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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Verse 94
Verse 94

Here, 1. David claims relation to God: “I am thine, devoted to thee and owned by thee, thine in covenant.” He does not say, Thou art mine (as Dr. Manton observes), though that follows of course, because that were a higher challenge; but, I am thine, expressing himself in a more humble and dutiful way of resignation; nor does he say, I am thus, but, I am thine, not pleading his own good property or qualification, but God’s propriety in him: “I am thine, not my own, not the world’s.” 2. He proves his claim: “I have sought thy precepts; I have carefully enquired concerning my duty and diligently endeavoured to do it.” This will be the best evidence that we belong to God; all that are his, though they have not found perfection, are seeking it. 3. He improves his claim: “I am thine; save me; save me from sin, save me from ruin.” Those that have in sincerity given up themselves to God to be his may be sure that he will protect them and preserve them to his heavenly kingdom, Mal. 3:18.