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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Verse 57
Verse 57

We may hence gather the character of a godly man. 1. He makes the favour of God his felicity: Thou art my portion, O Lord! Others place their happiness in the wealth and honours of this world. Their portion is in this life; they look no further; they desire no more; these are their good things, Luke 16:25. But all that are sanctified take the Lord for the portion of their inheritance and their cup, and nothing less will satisfy them. David can appeal to God in this matter: “Lord, thou knowest that I have chosen thee for my portion, and depend upon thee to make me happy.” 2. He makes the law of God his rule: “I have said that I would keep thy words; and what I have said by thy grace I will do, and will abide by it to the end.” Note, Those that take God for their portion must take him for their prince, and swear allegiance to him; and, having promised to keep his word, we must often put ourselves in mind of our promise, Ps. 39:1.