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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Verse 49
Verse 49

Two things David here pleads with God in prayer for that mercy and grace which he hoped for, according to the word, by which his requests were guided:—1. That God had given him the promise on which he hoped: “Lord, I desire no more than that thou wouldst remember thy word unto thy servant, and do as thou hast said;” see 1 Chron. 17:23. “Thou art wise, and therefore wilt perfect what thou hast purposed, and not change thy counsel. Thou art faithful, and therefore wilt perform what thou hast promised, and not break thy word.” Those that make God’s promises their portion may with humble boldness make them their plea. “Lord, is not that the word which thou hast spoken; and wilt thou not make it good?” Gen. 32:9; Exod. 33:12. 2. That God, who had given him the promise in the word, had by his grace wrought in him a hope in that promise and enabled him to depend upon it, and had raised his expectations of great things from it. Has God kindled in us desires towards spiritual blessings more than towards any temporal good things, and will he not be so kind as to satisfy those desires? Has he filled us with hopes of those blessings, and will he not be so just as to accomplish these hopes? He that did by his Spirit work faith in us will, according to our faith, work for us, and will not disappoint us.