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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Verse 160
Verse 160

David here comforts himself with the faithfulness of God’s word, for the encouragement of himself and others to rely upon it. 1. It has always been found faithful hitherto, and never failed any that ventured upon it; It is true from the beginning. Ever since God began to reveal himself to the children of men all he said was true and to be trusted. The church, from its beginning, was built upon this rock. It has not gained its validity by lapse of time, as many governments, whose best plea is prescription and long usage, Quod initio non valet, tractu temporis convalescit—That which, at first, wanted validity, in the progress of time acquired it. But the beginning of God’s word was true (so some read it); his government was laid on a sure foundation. And all, in every age, that have received God’s word in faith and love, have found every saying in it faithful and well worthy of all acceptation. 2. It will be found faithful to the end, because righteous: “Every one of thy judgments remains for ever unalterable and of perpetual obligation, adjusting men’s everlasting doom.”