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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Verse 157
Verse 157

Here is, 1. David surrounded with difficulties and dangers: Many are my persecutors and my enemies. When Saul the king was his persecutor and enemy no marvel that many more were so: multitudes will follow the pernicious ways of abused authority. David, being a public person, had many enemies, but withal he had many friends, who loved him and wished him well; let him set the one over-against the other. In this David was a type both of Christ and his church. The enemies, the persecutors, of both, are many, very many. 2. David established in the way of his duty, notwithstanding: “Yet do I not decline from thy testimonies, as knowing that while I adhere to them God is for me; and then no matter who is against me.” A man who is steady in the way of his duty, though he may have many enemies, needs fear none.