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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Verse 129
Verse 129

See here how David was affected towards the word of God. 1. He admired it, as most excellent in itself: Thy testimonies are wonderful. The word of God gives us admirable discoveries of God, and Christ, and another world; admirable proofs of divine love and grace. The majesty of the style, the purity of the matter, the harmony of the parts, are all wonderful. Its effects upon the consciences of men, both for conviction and comfort, are wonderful; and it is a sign that we are not acquainted with God’s testimonies, or do not understand them, if we do not admire them. 2. He adhered to it as of constant use to him: “Therefore doth my soul keep them, as a treasure of inestimable value, which I cannot be without.” We do not keep them to any purpose unless our souls keep them. There they must be deposited, as the tables of testimony in the ark, there they must have the innermost and uppermost place. Those that see God’s word to be admirable will prize it highly and preserve it carefully, as that which they promise themselves great things from.