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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Verse 114
Verse 114

Here is, 1. God’s care of David to protect and defend him, which he comforted himself with when his enemies were very malicious against him: Thou art my hiding-place and my shield. David, when Saul pursued him, often betook himself to close places for shelter; in war he guarded himself with his shield. Now God was both these to him, a hiding-place to preserve him from danger and a shield to preserve him in danger, his life from death and his soul from sin. Good people are safe under God’s protection. He is their strength and their shield, their help and their shield, their sun and their shield, their shield and their great reward, and here their hiding-place and their shield. They may by faith retire to him, and repose in him as their hiding-place, where they are kept in secret. They may by faith oppose his power to all the might and malice of their enemies, as their shield to quench every fiery dart. 2. David’s confidence in God. He is safe, and therefore he is easy, under the divine protection: “I hope in thy word, which has acquainted me with thee and assured me of thy kindness to me.” Those who depend on God’s promise shall have the benefit of his power and be taken under his special protection.