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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 115
Chapter 115

Many ancient translations join this psalm to that which goes next before it, the Septuagint particularly, and the vulgar Latin; but it is, in the Hebrew, a distinct psalm. In it we are taught to give glory, I. To God, and not to ourselves, Ps. 115:1. II. To God, and not to idols, Ps. 115:2-8. We must give glory to God, 1. By trusting in him, and in his promise and blessing, Ps. 115:9-15. 2. By blessing him, Ps. 115:16-18. Some think this psalm was penned upon occasion of some great distress and trouble that the church of God was in, when the enemies were in insolent and threatening, in which case the church does not so much pour out her complaint to God as place her confidence in God, and triumph in doing so; and with such a holy triumph we ought to sing this psalm.