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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 103
Chapter 103

This psalm calls more for devotion than exposition; it is a most excellent psalm of praise, and of general use. The psalmist, I. Stirs up himself and his own soul to praise God (Ps. 102:1, 2) for his favour to him in particular (Ps. 102:3-5), to the church in general, and to all good men, to whom he is, and will be, just, and kind, and constant (Ps. 102:6-18), and for his government of the world, Ps. 102:19. II. He desires the assistance of the holy angels, and all the works of God, in praising him, Ps. 102:20-22. In singing this psalm we must in a special manner get our hearts affected with the goodness of God and enlarged in love and thankfulness.