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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Verse 3
Verse 3

Here, 1. It is implied that many deceive themselves with a conceit that, if they offer sacrifice, that will excuse them from doing justice, and procure them a dispensation for their unrighteousness; and this makes their way seem right, Prov. 21:2. We have fasted, Isa. 58:3. I have peace-offerings with me, Prov. 7:14. 2. It is plainly declared that living a good life (doing justly and loving mercy) is more pleasing to God than the most pompous and expensive instances of devotion. Sacrifices were of divine institution, and were acceptable to God if they were offered in faith and with repentance, otherwise not, Isa. 1:11 But even then moral duties were preferred before them (1 Sam. 15:22), which intimates that their excellency was not innate nor the obligation to them perpetual, Mic. 6:6-8. Much of religion lies in doing judgment and justice from a principle of duty to God, contempt of the world, and love to our neighbour; and this is more pleasing to God than all burnt-offerings and sacrifices, Mark 12:33.