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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Verse 21
Verse 21

Here we have, 1. Men projecting. They keep their designs to themselves, but they cannot hide them from God; he knows the many devices that are in men’s hearts,—devices against his counsels (as those, Ps. 2:1-3; Mic. 4:11),—devices without his counsel (no regard had to his providence, as those Jas. 4:13; this and the other they will do, and not take God along with them),—devices unlike God’s counsels; men are wavering in their devices, and often absurd and unjust, but God’s counsels are wise and holy, steady and uniform. 2. God overruling. Various men have various designs, according as their inclination or interest leads them, but the counsel of the Lord, that shall stand, whatever becomes of the devices of men. His counsel often breaks men’s measures and baffles their devices; but their devices cannot in the least alter his counsel, not disturb the proceedings of it, nor put him upon new counsels, Isa. 14:24; 46:11. What a check does this give to politic designing men, who think they can outwit all mankind, that there is a God in heaven that laughs at them! Ps. 2:4. What comfort does this speak to all God’s people, that all God’s purposes, which we are sure are right and good, shall be accomplished in due time!