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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Verse 11
Verse 11

A wise man will observe these two rules about his anger: 1. Not to be over-hasty in his resentments: Discretion teaches us to defer our anger, to defer the admission of it till we have thoroughly considered all the merits of the provocation, seen them in a true light and weighed them in a just balance; and then to defer the prosecution of it till there be no danger of running into any indecencies. Plato said to his servant, “I would beat thee, but that I am angry.” Give it time, and it will cool. 2. Not to be over-critical in his resentments. Whereas it is commonly looked upon as a piece of ingenuity to apprehend an affront quickly, it is here made a man’s glory to pass over a transgression, to appear as if he did not see it (Ps. 38:13), or, if he sees fit to take notice of it, yet to forgive it and meditate no revenge.