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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Verse 4
Verse 4

Note, 1. The day of death will be a day of wrath. It is a messenger of God’s wrath; therefore when Moses had meditated on man’s mortality he takes occasion thence to admire the power of God’s anger, Ps. 90:11. It is a debt owing, not to nature, but to God’s justice. After death the judgment, and that is a day of wrath, Rev. 6:17. 2. Riches will stand men in no stead that day. They will neither put by the stroke nor ease the pain, much less take out the sting; what profit will this world’s birth-rights be of then? In the day of public judgments riches often expose men rather than protect them, Ezek. 7:19. 3. It is righteousness only that will deliver from the evil of death. A good conscience will make death easy, and take off the terror of it; it is the privilege of the righteous only not to be hurt of the second death, and so not much hurt by the first.