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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 8
Chapter 8

This chapter is concerning the lamps or lights of the sanctuary. I. The burning lamps in the candlestick, which the priests were charged to tend, Num. 8:1-4. II. The living lamps (if I may so call them), The Levites, who as ministers were burning and shining lights. The ordination of the priests we had an account of, Lev. 8:1-36. Here we have an account of the ordination of the Levites, the inferior clergy. 1. How they were purified, Num. 8:5-8. 2. How they were parted with by the people, Num. 8:9-10. 3. How they were presented to God in lieu of the firstborn, Num. 8:11-18. 4. How they were consigned to Aaron and his sons, to be ministers to them, Num. 8:19. 5. How all these orders were duly executed, Num. 8:20-22. And, lastly, the age appointed for their ministration, Num. 8:23-26