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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 3
Chapter 3

This chapter goes on with the burden of Nineveh, and concludes it. I. The sins of that great city are charged upon it, murder (Nah. 3:1), whoredom and witchcraft (Nah. 3:4), and a general extent of wickedness, Nah. 3:19. II. Judgments are here threatened against it, blood for blood (Nah. 3:2, 3), and shame for shameful sins, Nah. 3:5-7. III. Instances are given of the like desolations brought upon other places for the like sins, Nah. 3:8-11. IV. The overthrow of all those things which they depended upon, and put confidence in, is foretold, Nah. 3:12-19.