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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 1
Chapter 1

In this chapter we have, I. The title of the book (Mic. 1:1) and a preface demanding attention, Mic. 1:2. II. Warning given of desolating judgments hastening upon the kingdoms of Israel and Judah (Mic. 1:3, 4), and all for sin, Mic. 1:5. III. The particulars of the destruction specified, Mic. 1:6, 7. IV. The greatness of the destruction illustrated, 1. By the prophet’s sorrow for it, Mic. 1:8, 9. 2. By the general sorrow that should be for it, in the several places that must expect to share in it, Mic. 1:10-16. These prophecies of Micah might well be called his lamentations.