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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 7
Chapter 7

This chapter continues and concludes Christ’s sermon on the mount, which is purely practical, directing us to order our conversation aright, both toward God and man; for the design of the Christian religion is to make men good, every way good. We have, I. Some rules concerning censure and reproof, Matt. 7:1-6. II. Encouragements given us to pray to God for what we need, Matt. 7:7-11. III. The necessity of strictness in conversation urged upon us, Matt. 7:12-14. IV. A caution given us to take heed of false prophets, Matt. 7:15-20. V. The conclusion of the whole sermon, showing the necessity of universal obedience to Christ’s commands, without which we cannot expect to be happy, Matt. 7:21-27. VI. The impression which Christ’s doctrine made upon his hearers, Matt. 7:28, 29.