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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 18
Chapter 18

The gospels are, in short, a record of what Jesus began both to do and to teach. In the foregoing chapter, we had an account of his doings, in this, of his teachings; probably, not all at the same time, in a continued discourse, but at several times, upon divers occasions, here put together, as near akin. We have here, I. Instructions concerning humility, Matt. 18:1-6. II. Concerning offences in general (Matt. 18:7), particularly offences given, 1. By us to ourselves, Matt. 18:8, 9. 2. By us to others, Matt. 18:10-14. 3. By others to us; which are of two sorts, (1.) Scandalous sins, which are to be reproved, Matt. 18:15-20. (2.) Personal wrongs, which are to be forgiven, Matt. 18:21-35. See how practical Christ’s preaching was; he could have revealed mysteries, but he pressed plain duties, especially those that are most displeasing to flesh and blood.