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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 14
Chapter 14

In this chapter begins the account which this evangelist gives of the death and sufferings of our Lord Jesus, which we are all concerned to be acquainted, not only with the history of, but with the mystery of. Here is, I. The plot of the chief priests and scribes against Christ, Mark 14:1, 2. II. The anointing of Christ’s head at a supper in Bethany, two days before his death, Mark 14:3-9. III. The contract Judas made with the chief priests, to betray him, Mark 14:10, 11. IV. Christ’s eating the passover with his disciples, his instituting the Lord’s supper, and his discourse with his disciples, at and after supper, Mark 14:12-31. V. Christ’s agony in the garden, Mark 14:32-42. VI. The betraying of him by Judas, and the apprehending of him by the chief priests’ agents, Mark 14:43-52. VII. His arraignment before the high priest, his conviction, and the indignities done him at that bar, Mark 14:53-65. VIII. Peter’s denying him, Mark 14:66-72. Most of which passages we had before, Matt. 26:1-75