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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 13
Chapter 13

We have here the substance of that prophetical sermon which our Lord Jesus preached, pointing at the destruction of Jerusalem, and the consummation of all things; it was one of the last of his sermons, and not ad populum—to the people, but ad clerum—to the clergy; it was private, preached only to four of his disciples, with whom his secret was. Here is, I. The occasion of his prediction—his disciples’ admiring the building of the temple (Mark 13:1, 2), and their enquiry concerning the time of the desolation of them, Mark 13:3, 4. II. The predictions themselves, 1. Of the rise of deceivers, Mark 13:5, 6, 21-23. 2. Of the wars of the nations, Mark 13:7, 8. 3. Of the persecution of Christians, Mark 13:9-13. 4. Of the destruction of Jerusalem, Mark 13:14-20. 5. Of the end of the world, Mark 13:24-27. III. Some general intimations concerning the time of them, Mark 13:28-32. IV. Some practical inferences from all, Mark 13:33-37.