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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 21
Chapter 21

In this chapter we have, I. The notice Christ took, and the approbation he gave, of a poor widow that cast two mites into the treasury, Luke 21:1-4. II. A prediction of future events, in answer to his disciples’ enquiries concerning them, Luke 21:5-7. 1. Of what should happen between that and the destruction of Jerusalem—false Christs arising, bloody wars and persecutions of Christ’s followers, Luke 21:8-19. 2. Of that destruction itself, Luke 21:20-24. 3. Of the second coming of Jesus Christ to judge the world, under the type and figure of that, Luke 21:25-33. III. A practical application of this, by way of caution and counsel (Luke 21:34-36), and an account of Christ’s preaching and the people’s attendance on it, Luke 21:37, 38.