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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 9
Chapter 9

Aaron and his sons, having been solemnly consecrated to the priesthood, are in this chapter entering upon the execution of their office, the very next day after their consecration was completed. I. Moses (no doubt by direction from God) appoints a meeting between God and his priests, as the representatives of his people, ordering them to attend him, and assuring them that he would appear to them, Lev. 9:1-7. II. The meeting is held according to the appointment. 1. Aaron attends on God by sacrifice, offering a sin-offering and burnt-offering for himself (Lev. 9:8-14), and then the offerings for the people, whom he blessed in the name of the Lord, Lev. 9:15-22. 2. God signifies his acceptance, (1.) Of their persons, by showing them his glory, Lev. 9:23. (2.) Of their sacrifices, by consuming them with fire from heaven, Lev. 9:24.