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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 6
Chapter 6

The first seven verses of this chapter might fitly have been added to the foregoing chapter, being a continuation of the law of the trespass-offering, and the putting of other cases in which it was to be offered; and with this end the instructions God gave concerning the several kinds of sacrifices that should be offered: and then at Lev. 6:8 (which in the original begins a new section of the law) he comes to appoint the several rites and ceremonies concerning these sacrifices which had not been mentioned before. I. The burnt-offering, Lev. 6:8-13. II. The meat-offering (Lev. 6:11-18), particularly that at the consecration of the priest, Lev. 6:19-23. III. The sin-offering, Lev. 6:24-30