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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 15
Chapter 15

Samson, when he courted an alliance with the Philistines, did but seek an occasion against them, Jdg. 14:4. Now here we have a further account of the occasions he took to weaken them, and to avenge, not his own, but Israel’s quarrels, upon them. Everything here is surprising; if any thing be thought incredible, because impossible, it must be remembered that with God nothing is impossible, and it was by the Spirit of the Lord coming upon him that he was both directed to and strengthened for those unusual ways of making war. I. From the perfidiousness of his wife and her father, he took occasion to burn their corn, Jdg. 15:1-5. II. From the Philistines’ barbarous cruelty to his wife and her father, he took occasion to smite them with a great slaughter, Jdg. 15:6-8. III. From the treachery of his countrymen, who delivered him bound to the Philistines, he took occasion to kill 1000 of them with the jaw-bone of an ass, Jdg. 15:9-17. IV. From the distress he was then in for want of water, God took occasion to show him favour in a seasonable supply, Jdg. 15:18-20.