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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 24
Chapter 24

This chapter concludes the life and reign of Joshua, in which we have, I. The great care and pains he took to confirm the people of Israel in the true faith and worship of God, that they might, after his death, persevere therein. In order to this he called another general assembly of the heads of the congregation of Israel (Josh. 24:1) and dealt with them. 1. By way of narrative, recounting the great things God had done for them and their fathers, Josh. 24:2-13. 2. By way of charge to them, in consideration thereof, to serve God, Josh. 24:14. 3. By way of treaty with them, wherein he aims to bring them, (1.) To make religion their deliberate choice; and they did so, with reasons for their choice, Josh. 24:15-18. (2.) To make it their determinate choice, and to resolve to adhere to it, Josh. 24:19-24. 4. By way of covenant upon that treaty, Josh. 24:25-28. II. The conclusion of this history, with, 1. The death and burial of Joshua (Josh. 24:29, 30) and Eleazar (Josh. 24:33), and the mention of the burial of Joseph’s bones upon that occasion, Josh. 24:32. 2. A general account of the state of Israel at that time, Josh. 24:31.