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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Verses 24–31
Verses 24–31

The lot of Asher lay upon the coast of the great sea. We read not of any famous person of this tribe but Anna the prophetess, who was a constant resident in the temple at the time of our Saviour’s birth, Luke 2:36. Nor were there many famous places in this tribe. Aphek (mentioned Josh. 19:30) was the place near which Benhadad was beaten by Ahad, 1 Kgs. 20:30. But close adjoining to this tribe were the celebrated sea-port towns of Tyre and Sidon, which we read so much of. Tyre is called here that strong city (Josh. 19:29), but Bishop Patrick thinks it was not the same Tyre that we read of afterwards, for that was built on an island; this old strong city was on the continent. And it is conjectured by some that into these two strong-holds, Sidon and Tzor, or Tyre, many of the people of Canaan fled and took shelter when Joshua invaded them.