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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 11
Chapter 11

This chapter continues and concludes the history of the conquest of Canaan; of the reduction of the southern parts we had an account in the foregoing chapter, after which we may suppose Joshua allowed his forces some breathing-time; now here we have the story of the war in the north, and the happy success of that war. I. The confederacy of the northern crowns against Israel, Josh. 11:1-5. II. The encouragement which God gave to Joshua to engage them, Josh. 11:6. III. His victory over them, Josh. 11:7-9. IV. The taking of their cities, Josh. 11:10-15. V. The destruction of the Anakim, Josh. 11:21, 22. VI. The general conclusion of the story of this war, Josh. 11:16-20, 23.