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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 8
Chapter 8

In this chapter we have, I. Christ’s evading the snare which the Jews laid for him, in bringing to him a woman taken in adultery, John 8:1-11. II. Divers discourses or conferences of his with the Jews that cavilled at him, and sought occasion against him, and made every thing he said a matter of controversy. 1. Concerning his being the light of the world, John 8:12-20. 2. Concerning the ruin of the unbelieving Jews, John 8:21-30. 3. Concerning liberty and bondage, John 8:31-37. 4. Concerning his Father and their father, John 8:38-47. 5. Here is his discourse in answer to their blasphemous reproaches, John 8:48-50. 6. Concerning the immortality of believers, John 8:51-59. And in all this he endured the contradiction of sinners against himself.