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Matthew Henry's Commentary – Chapter 35
Chapter 35

Job being still silent, Elihu follows his blow, and here, a third time, undertakes to show him that he had spoken amiss, and ought to recant. Three improper sayings he here charges him with, and returns answer to them distinctly:—I. He had represented religion as an indifferent unprofitable thing, which God enjoins for his own sake, not for ours; Elihu evinces the contrary, Job 35:1-8. II. He had complained of God as deaf to the cries of the oppressed, against which imputation Elihu here justifies God, Job 35:9-13. III. He had despaired of the return of God’s favour to him, because it was so long deferred, but Elihu shows him the true cause of the delay, Job 35:14-16.